What's going on in Ferguson, MO?
St. Louis shop owners arming themselves from rioters.
No corny jokes or other words of wisdom this week, just a roundup of our continuing coverage of the continuing police / military action in Ferguson, MO (which as I get ready to send off this newsletter, seems to be winding down with the Missouri National Guard withdrawing from the area).  Stories surrounding the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown by police officers have flooded the media since August 11 and, for our own part, our news team endeavors to stay on top of any developments that could in some way end up affecting the rights and interests of gun-owners by reporting the facts (with very little room for conjecture).  So, if you need a go over of this still developing story, check out the latest on Officer Darren Wilson's grand jury hearing, our coverage of the investigation, the protests, the riots, the civilian responses to the looting, some probable resulting legislation and the President's response.
Guns.com's newsroom mechanisms are getting recalibrated. Currently we are pounding out some new strategies that, in the near future, will expand the Guns.com's daily coverage you've come to depend on to include a steady stream of real-time reporting. This type of content will be concerned with answering the crucial questions at the heart of breaking gun news quickly... and accurately.   Expect as little commentary as possible, frequent updates when the story matures, and most importantly, a reputation that hinges on credible sources and honest portrayals. And with that, onto the...
Top Five Articles of the Week
"Sons of Guns" star Will Hayden was booked at East Baton Rouge Prison Parish on Saturday

The arrest of Will Hayden on child molestation allegations exploded this week, easily taking the top spot. Details of the events surrounding the arrest are scant, though reports indicate that the allegations originated from an ex-girlfriend with whom Hayden has a child.  Stephanie Hayden, Will's daughter and "Sons of Guns" co-star, publicly defended her father on Facebook, stating that the charges were baseless and it is believed the child at the center of this story was released by police to the Hayden household after questioning.  The pots still stirring on this one so stay tuned to Guns.com for updates on this developing story (but in the meantime, give us your gut feelings in our 'Burning Questions 'section).

Other top stories included Daniel Terrill's conversation with current California congressman Mike Honda over his introduction of bill limiting the sale of body armor to civilians, Jennifer Cruz's account of fatal taunting, and the tragicomedy of a NJ assault victims crime of carrying too much black powder.

Finally, Open Carry Texas made it into the top five again this week, after an armed confrontation with resident's of the 5th ward prompted them to rethink a future demonstration in this impoverished part of Houston. During the incident, local residents, some of them armed, accused the group of being racist and attempting to use its residents as a political crutch.  From the article:


"If they come with their weapons, I'm quite sure they'll be a lot of us with weapons also," Quannel X, an area activist, told local media.

"If this is about gun rights, we can educate our own people about gun rights," Quanell X said. "Coming like this is totally unacceptable. So if you do come, I guarantee you we will not bring a butter knife to a gun fight."


In the end Open Carry Texas postponed the walk, but not before they found some support from other community leaders in Dallas.

  1. Update: 'Sons of Guns' star arrested on child molestation charges, [Link]

  2. California congressman corrects the record for bill prohibiting sale of body armor [Link]

  3. After alleged domestic assault, New Jersey husband arrested for too much black powder [Link]

  4. 14-year-old gang member fatally shot after approaching, taunting armed burglary victim [Link]

  5. Open Carry Texas met with anger, armed protesters at meeting in black neighborhood [Link]

The 'Bazaar' Life
Get your "death wish" with the ultimate Charles Bronson montage
"A wanted North Carolina man who won first place at a police-sponsored doughnut-eating contest last Wednesday came down from his sugar high after he was arrested a day later."
This decorated Iraq war vet fulfilled his dream of becoming pro wrestler standing on one leg.
Who ever thought trigger discipline could be so cute?
As many mourn the passing of the artistic genius Robin Williams, we thought we would post this "Good Morning Vietnam" montage.
What you may've missed
  • We were assured, gun sales have found their 'new normal', [Link]

  • Met 'The Chassis' --no frills, all gun--from WMD Guns, [Link]

  • While Battle Arms Development jumped feet-first into the crowded lower receiver pool, [Link]

  • And Smith & Wesson released the M&P22 Compact, a dedicated trainer only smaller. [Link]

  • Also, always affordable TriStar Arms has a new pump shotgun, the Marine Tactical Cobra  [Link]

  • The new Umarex Fuel air rifle puts a .17 caliber round downrange at 1,000 fps, [Link]

  • And the judge says Armslist is not liable in a 2011 murder case. [Link]

  • Angry mob took to the streets after officers shot an unarmed teen in Ferguson, MO, [Link]

  • 'Sons of Guns' star Will Hayden was arrested on child molestation charges, [Link]

  • And a South Dakota businessman and NRA member wrote 'Nugent has got to go.'  [Link]

  • In GA, a gun buyback angered residents that turned into a police auction,[Link]

  • Though that was not the case in CA, where nearly 5,000 guns were handed in and destroyed. [Link]

  • A Federal judge in MD called AR-15s 'dangerous and unusual', [Link]

  • The MA Gov. will allow police to challenge individual gun sale permits in court, [Link]

  • And Open Carry Texas found protesters in the 5th Ward equally armed, [Link]

  • So they decided not to return for a follow-up demonstration. [Link]

  • Also, NYC is going to pay ex-gang members $13 million to act as 'violence interrupters',[Link]

  • And a CA congressman returned our phone calls over his sale of body armor bill. [Link]

  • Low-light combat: Turning the tables on your home-invader [Link]

  • A 25-year gun collection and their stories (VIDEO), [Link]

  • Interview: 52 Days in Honduran jail for Americans on bogus gun charges [Link]


  • Gun Review: The Smith & Wesson J-Frame is still a contender [Link]

  • Gun Review: CZ American in .204 Ruger is a varmint's worst nightmare (VIDEO) [Link]

Editor's Choice
Taylor Woolrich, on campus without her carry gun...

Don't miss the continuing saga of one college student's right to carry on campus.  Told by Chris Eger, this story didn't get the shares it deserved in my opinion, not the least reason being because it unfolds like a Lifetime movie in the making.  Chris writes: 


Taylor Woolrich, a student at Dartmouth College who has a possibly dangerous stalker, fears she has to drop out since the Ivy League school won't let her carry on campus.


The 20-year old student at the historic university in Hanover, New Hampshire, is terrified that a past acquaintance, 67-year old Richard Bennett, currently under arrest, will soon be freed and looking for her. Although granted a special New Hampshire concealed carry permit due to her situation, school policies prevent her from having a gun on campus. This has the undergrad, who worked hard to get to Dartmouth, planning to leave the school should Bennett be released.



"There's no option. There's no one to go to. They don't want to hear my case."


The Chassis by WMD (customize as needed).

Next, Max Slowik puts his lens up to another gear spinning design in the world of modern rifles, this time from WMD, and called simply "the Chassis".  As the name suggests, this rifle is sold with no accessories, leaving all the final decisions up to the buyer and taking the shooting industry's favorite flavor of the past 20 years--less is more--to a more novel level.  Mr. Slowik explains:


The idea is simple: sell a more-or-less assembled rifle, only without any furniture, sights or magazines. This way the user isn't tasked with breaking down their brand-new gun in order to configure it their way. 


This also means that no money is spent on parts and accessories that users are just going to toss in the first place, delivering the product at a lower price point. Bravo Company Manufacturing is one notable company that sells similar uncompleted uppers, but WMD Guns is doing things a little differently with the otherwise whole package. 


Lastly, I want to call out a really good video from NRA Women's Tatiana Whitlock about situational awareness and texting.  With all the time we spend on our phones doing mindless stuff, its nice to be reminded of how important a tool a cellphone (and a dedication to preventative measures) can be in your self-defense toolbox.

  • College student with stalker denied right to carry on campus (VIDEO) [Link]

  • DoJ look for civil rights violations in police shooting of unarmed teen [Link]

  • Military community offers thanks to the late Robin Williams (VIDEO) [Link]

  • Introducing 'the Chassis' by WMD Guns. [Link]

  • Wanted man arrested after winning police-sponsored doughnut-eating contest [Link]


  • NRA's Tatiana Whitlock talks situational awareness in 'Text Before You Transition' (VIDEO) [Link]
Burning questions
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A nine milly dilly...
You with Will?
Shotgun fun factor?

NSSF - #GUNVOTE 2014: Don't risk your rights


"The 2014 elections, particularly the most closely contested races for U.S. Senate seats, offer two possibilities. The first is for our industry and consumers to join forces with other pro-Second Amendment groups and individuals to lead the way in electing enough new pro-gun lawmakers to ensure that the anti-gun agenda can't pass in either chamber of Congress during the final two years of the Obama administration. The alternative is the very real prospect of anti-gun candidates succeeding in enough close races to provide the handful of votes needed to resurrect and ramrod a sweeping roster of proposed restrictions through the Senate"




NSSF - Support the NSSF PAC today 

The NSSF PAC is a non-partisan, multi-candidate, Federal Election Commission registered political action committee of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The NSSF PAC supports pro-industry, pro-Second Amendment and pro-sportsmen candidates seeking election or re-election to federal office.

The NSSF PAC does not support candidates based on their political affiliation, but on their record of promoting, protecting, and preserving the collective interests of the firearms, ammunition, hunting, and shooting sports industry, our hunting and shooting sports heritage, and firearms freedoms.  



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A Bit of History
So you're a dedicated 1911 fan. But sometimes that old .45 ACP round just seems too, well, familiar. What to do?

I'm here for you. I understand. It's time to check under the couch cushions. Clean under the seat of your truck. Take apart that washing machine and pull out the dimes that've been rattling around in there for. If you can come up with $7,390 in spare change, I have five ideas that will help you beat the 1911 blues.

Here are five 1911s that aren't your grandfather's old .45 ACP.

1. Springfield 1911 EMP

Springfield Armory makes some of the best production model 1911s around. That working familiarity of the platform has given them the perfect experience to monkey with the design. Their EMP is a scaled down 1911 chambered in either .40 or, as I would prefer, 9mm. The whole gun is slightly smaller than a normal short barreled 1911, but still has a three inch barrel.

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