The Quietest Shotgun
With points for theatricality, Silencerco unveiled a truly long-awaited gun gadget with honest to goodness game changing potential... the shotgun suppressor. We caught our first whiff of the development last Monday and firepower liaison Jim Grant has himself some front row tickets to the show, so expect much more to come on this exciting new piece of technology.  But until then, gun guys do well not to miss our first look at and opinions on the Salvo 12 here, here and here.

First and foremost, today is an important day for gun giveaways (hence the early publication of this newsletter).  There are over 15 contests ending today with prizes ranging from a Colt Single action Army to Ruger SR9E to an Armalite AR-50 so check it out now and get your name in the right hats.

The 'Bazaar' Life
Testing the SIG Sauer MCX underwater.
Many have attempted though few have mastered the 'Motorcycle draw'.
If you've never been on a Udaloy-class destroyer - everyone should, I mean, treat yourself - you may have never seen this peculiar method of warfare. The destroyer launches torpedoes into the water where they surface, rocket towards their target like a missile, then drop back under water when they reach their final destination. They launch away from the ship to prevent harm to the deck and anyone on it and fly to their target because there's less resistance going through the air.
Following a tip from a "credible and reliable source" New Orleans law enforcement pulled over Joe Gagliano, the 55-year-old son of a purported New Orleans mob underboss. In the back was a .22, some type of can and a chair. Now, you tell me: Mafia sniper nest or Nutria deathmobile?
If ever a single product could get silencers removed from the NFA registry it's got to be the Salvo 12, shotgun silencer.
What you may've missed


  • As mentioned, SilencerCo introduced the Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor, [Link]

  • IWI has Tavors specifically for the MA, MD and NJ markets, [Link]

  • ATK landed a $220 million chain gun military contract, [Link]

  • And Beretta moved to Tennessee. [Link]

  • Also, Remington settled over those pesky 700 model triggers, [Link]

  • And they will take also your defective R51 off your hands too. [Link]


  • Ted Nugent got the ax from an Indian Casino over 'racist remarks', [Link]

  • Philadelphia will shell out $1.4 million over a CCW info leak, [Link] 

  • And a doctor saved lives by violating his hospital's 'No Weapons' policy. [Link]

  • In other medical news, a Federal court upheld that "doctors can't ask about guns", [Link]

  • And the U.S. attorney wants felons to know possession of drugs and guns-not cool. [Link]


  • There will be a ballot referendum on Cook County "assault weapon ban" [Link]

  • And a Federal ivory ban could lead to confiscation of guns, says one... [Link]


  • Gun Review: Colt Canada's AR-15A3 is sweeter than maple syrup, [Link]

  • Gun Review: Colt's CCG makes a great mid-sized carry piece [Link]

  • The ultimate home-defense handgun guide  [Link]

Top Five Articles of the Week

If you need a good read, do not miss the story of a good looking NJ couple and the harrowing, violent encounter that led them both to the altar of gun ownership.  Jennifer Cruz does a masterful job of painting the would-be DGU:


"I heard footsteps, and they kind of bum-rushed me from behind," Dittrich recollected. "And I turned around, and there was a revolver in my face."

The two suspects wanted to get inside Dittrich's third-floor apartment, but he tried just handing over his wallet instead, hoping that would appease them. However, the $25 inside wasn't sufficient for the suspects, who were adamant about getting in the apartment, but Dittrich desperately wanted to keep them at bay, as he knew his fiance, Duffy, was asleep inside.

Outnumbered two to one and with a gun in his face, Dittrich decided it would not be wise to try to fight them off, so he did what he felt was the only choice he had and let them inside.


Chris Eger covered a disturbance in the force coming out 0f Kansas involving an ordinance that would forbid the open carry of guns in a number of publicly-owned buildings.  And the reasoning proponets are giving for this law seems like it was stripped for a April Fools article.

  1. NJ couple changes stance on guns after violent home invasion, sexual assault (VIDEO) [Link]

  2. Store owner's karate kick kills robbery suspect... sort of (VIDEO) [Link]

  3. SilencerCo introduces Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor (VIDEO), [Link]

  4. Town bans open carry of firearms in city buildings after stormtrooper incident [Link] 

  5. Robber sues pizzeria for employees 'unnecessary' use of force when they stopped him (VIDEO) [Link]

Editor's Choice

Daniel Terrill took his microscope to a recent survey that is drawing some dramatic (and some not so dramatic like "Americans who keep a gun inside the home also see themselves differently than those who don't") conclusions about demographics, race and gun ownership.  From the article:

"While blacks are significantly more likely than whites to be gun homicide victims, blacks are only about half as likely as whites to have a firearm in their home (41% vs. 19%)," Morin said, referencing data collected between 1994 and 2010. "Hispanics are less likely than blacks to be gun homicide victims and half as likely as whites to have a gun at home (20%)."

Mr. Eger also wrote on race and firearms though in a very different context.  Nonetheless, the two articles do seen to be in conversation with each other at moments.  And lastly, don't leave without reading Max Slowik's brilliant editorial on the importance of the Salvo 12, shotgun suppressor.  Max writes:

Suppressors, legally called silencers, are fairly tightly-regulated and difficult to acquire. Until now, a lot of people, including gun owners, could justify this type of regulation.

It's easy to write of rimfire silencers as toys, or worse still, assassin's equipment. Big-bore cans are just ways to separate trophy hunters from their money. Suppressors for AR-15s? The most deadly combination of guns ever assembled.

But that will change with shotgun suppressors. People know that you can't possibly make a shotgun quiet, only quieter, and that quieter shotguns mean safer shooting when busting clays and bagging more game during hunting seasons. The Salvo 12 will turn more than heads but hearts and minds.

  • Congress asks for ATF database review while investigation claims agency targets minorities [Link]

  • Combat Flip Flops expands, launches 'Rock the Cashmagh' campaign [Link]

  • Survey says: Most gun owners are white conservative republican males [Link]

  • The mysterious machine gun of Macon is up for sale [Link]

  • Tennessee sheriff stockpiles 161 military weapons for 31 deputies (VIDEO) [Link]


  • Why the Salvo 12 is the most important suppressor ever made (VIDEO) [Link]

NSSF - GUNVOTE 2014: Don't risk your rights


"The 2014 elections, particularly the most closely contested races for U.S. Senate seats, offer two possibilities. The first is for our industry and consumers to join forces with other pro-Second Amendment groups and individuals to lead the way in electing enough new pro-gun lawmakers to ensure that the anti-gun agenda can't pass in either chamber of Congress during the final two years of the Obama administration. The alternative is the very real prospect of anti-gun candidates succeeding in enough close races to provide the handful of votes needed to resurrect and ramrod a sweeping roster of proposed restrictions through the Senate"




NSSF - Support the NSSF PAC today: Senate may renew push for more gun control   


"President Obama claims to 'respect gun rights' but his incessant attacks on and blatant lies about our industry clearly demonstrate otherwise. Hey Mr. President, you can't just walk into a gun store and buy a semi-automatic firearm. All purchasers from FFLs must go through background checks, No Exceptions. Whether he wields "phone and pen" to bypass Congress or resorts to public scare tactics, President Obama will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.  


Donate to the NSSF PAC now to protect against a rubber-stamp Senate during President Obama's final two years. 



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A Bit of History

Firearms engineer Arne Boberg worked on the design prototype of a small concealable pistol for the better part of a decade. Long awaited, it appears now that this high end pistol, the XP-9, which has quietly been in production since about 2008, could represent a radical step forward in what we expect from our back up guns (that is if we can find one).


The problem with subcompact pistols


Subcompact pistols have been around for a centuries. Perhaps the original concealed carry pistol, the Derringer series of single and double-barreled vest guns, have been around since before the Civil War. Small semi-auto .380s (starting with John Browning's FN Model 1910 ) burst on to the scene at the start of the 20th century finding their way into the leg holsters of soldiers and civilians alike. These guns evolved into the cutting edge deigns of today like Kahr's PM9 and the Ruger LCP.


By the nature of their design, these handguns have always suffered from the handicap of short barrels and bad sights usually sacrifices to the axiom "smaller is better". The fact is though that the shorter the barrel, the shorter the sight radius, and the less likely the pistol will put rounds on target at a distance which can play a significant factor in a gunfight.


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