Limp wristing is a scourge upon handgun shooters that must be destroyed.  Here is one of my favorite wrist exercises for getting iron mitts


Get a sock and fill it to your desired weight with rice (any rice will do) and tie off the opening to form something you could could used as a shooting rest if you needed to.  Now, tie the sock weight to a one to three-foot length of rope (the longer rope for harder reps) and tie or attach the other end to the center of a sturdy rod (like a broomhandle or piece of PVC pipe).  To work out, hold the rod with both hands straight out and perpendicular to your body and roll up the weight (the rope will wind around the rod as you do this) until it touches the rod, first overhand, then later underhand.  


When you get the weight to the top, don't let gravity send it back down, rather, unroll the weight back to the starting position for full effect.  Now do that until it's easy to do a 50x, then add weight until it isn't.


Sometimes, there just isn't much to report and sometimes that's a good thing.  Thankfully, this week is one of those times, as the world continues to spin and the coolest job I know of continues to grind on.  Plan on some more reviews and videos as the filming season progresses from Jim Grant (who should be getting pretty tan) and make sure to check out our updated contest section.  Be aware that some dates on this calendar (like the 31st of July) will link out to [MORE] contests at the bottom, so don't let that throw you off from missing a chance at your new favorite piece of metal.
The 'Bazaar' Life
"I used to think I wanted a SIG SB-15 pistol brace. Now it's clear that I need two."
Why do they call him "the Bullet-dodger"?
Now how would you guess a Marines answer to the beauty pageant staple, "How would you make the world a better place?"
Another compelling entry in the ongoing saga of how to reload your semi-automatic weapons... like a BOSS!
"Spread out, men. One grenade could kill us all..."

What you may've missed
  • SW put out new M&P handguns with Crimson Trace laser sights, [Link]

  • Alexander Arms gave us a new semi-automatic rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum, [Link]

  • and TrackingPoint went solar. [Link]

  • Also Primary Weapon Systems has a new James Bond-inspired briefcase,[Link]

  • Magnum Research updated versions of their MagnumLite Rimfire  rifle, [Link]

  • And, finally, (hopefully) Remington settled over those pesky 700 model triggers. [Link]

  • An Ohio man sued the NRA for cold calling him, [Link]

  • CCRKBA took the ATF to court over cross state handgun transfers, [Link] 

  • And a Federal judge sided with a noted Open carry group in free speech suit. [Link]

  • Also, a Philly mother is facing charges for a legally-owned firearm [Link]

  • And Uncle Sam apologized for sending 14,000 draft notices to men born in the 1800s. [Link]

  • California ended most single shot handgun exemptions, [Link]

  • U.S. House voted to end the Washington, DC "assault weapon ban" [Link] 

  • While in IL, Quinn called for just such a ban on "assault weapons". [Link]

  • The Governors pen ended a popular armed teachers bill in MO, [Link]

  • May-issue gun control bill passes Mass. senate but without the may-issue part [Link]

  • And a bill is being drafted that aims to end the ATF. [Link]

  • Also Russian sanctions may affect new AK buyers [Link]

  • Some proposed Cleveland laws would require gun registration, [Link] 

  • And Dems are going after kid's shooting sports-branded clothing and colorful youth guns. [Link]

  • Have gun bag, will travel: 5 Best range bags, [Link]

  • Gun Review: The Beretta M9A1 defies its critics (VIDEO),  [Link]

  • Gun Review: Colt's CCG makes a great mid-sized carry piece [Link]

Top Five Articles of the Week

LEO v. LEO was clearly the theme this week (hey, we don't make em up, we just call em).  The top post is the dashcam footage of a bizarre altercation between a Miami police officer and an Internal Affairs lieutenant during a traffic stop.  From the article:


Miami Police Officer Marcel Jackson pulled over an unmarked vehicle for speeding, not knowing its driver was Lt. David Ramras from Internal Affairs. Ramras opened the door during the traffic stop and Jackson ultimately took the outranking lieutenant to the ground, the Miami NBC-affiliate reports.


From the video, it appears Ramras opens the door and lunges at Jackson. Jackson holds Ramras against the car momentarily before throwing him to the ground.


The video was taken on the Officer Marcel Jackson's personal Go-pro (dash video is not required in Florida) and I'm guessing he's glad he had the foresight to tape the whole affair.  It's plain to see by the aftermath that there is a lot bubbling under the surface here, just like our next story out of Missouri.


The all seeing eye of Daniel Terrill caught a court case last week that slipped by many lesser sleuths and really took legs in the comments section.  The story concerns an ATF agent who got the bracelets put on him backwards by a Missouri State Highway Patrol a couple years ago and the resulting fallout (including a hefty award in the agents favor for arrest without probable cause).  Any amateur lawyers out there will do well to read this brief because it does well to illustrate precedence (and what can happen when there is bad blood between coworkers). 


Lastly, don't miss a chance to giggle under your breath at the woman who shot her husband for his low substance...


  1. Hidden dashcam captures fight between Miami cop and Internal Affairs lieutenant (VIDEO) [Link]

  2. How to reload like a boss II: 'the Flip and Switch' (VIDEO) [Link]

  3. Jury awards $250K to ATF agent over trooper's arrest [Link]

  4. Woman convicted of shooting lover for not 'producing enough ejaculate' granted bond [Link]

  5. Stabbing suspect stopped by armed citizen rejects 'negro' public defender (VIDEO) [Link]

Editor's Choice
A Wisconsinite taking on "the Man" (with his gun securely stored in the parking lot), an Alabama appointee with a head on his shoulders and a deluge of DGUs in DC all made my cut this week (guess I was feeling political for a change).  Enjoy them, one and all, but make sure to read Max Slowik's breaking coverage of some new Russian sanctions that could muddy thinks for new AK buyers.  This is a story Max has been covering since first rumblings and I think he holds an informed lens up to a story that can be 1) confusing and 2) furtive, though for many, gun laws need no translation.

  • Alabama attorney general says county commissions cannot ban guns at polls (VIDEO) [Link]

  • D.C. gets a double dose of defensive gun use in USA Today thanks to [Link]

  • Man fired over gun legally kept in car sues former employer [Link]

  • Breaking: New Russian sanctions won't affect AK owners, but may affect new AK buyers [Link]

  • California governor signs bill to end most single shot handgun exemptions [Link]


NSSF - GUNVOTE 2014: Don't risk your rights


"The 2014 elections, particularly the most closely contested races for U.S. Senate seats, offer two possibilities. The first is for our industry and consumers to join forces with other pro-Second Amendment groups and individuals to lead the way in electing enough new pro-gun lawmakers to ensure that the anti-gun agenda can't pass in either chamber of Congress during the final two years of the Obama administration. The alternative is the very real prospect of anti-gun candidates succeeding in enough close races to provide the handful of votes needed to resurrect and ramrod a sweeping roster of proposed restrictions through the Senate"




NSSF - Support the NSSF PAC today: Senate may renew push for more gun control   


President Obama claims to 'respect gun rights' but his incessant attacks on and blatant lies about our industry clearly demonstrate otherwise. Hey Mr. President, you can't just walk into a gun store and buy a semi-automatic firearm. All purchasers from FFLs must go through background checks, No Exceptions. Whether he wields "phone and pen" to bypass Congress or resorts to public scare tactics, President Obama will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.  


Donate to the NSSF PAC now to protect against a rubber-stamp Senate during President Obama's final two years. 



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A Bit of History
Looking for a takedown rifle that packs away to the size of a loaf of bread, weighs in at under 3-pounds, and still provides enough firepower for small game? Well, get in line with the rest of the world because it would appear that with the cult success of the Henry survival rifle and the Chiappa Little Badger, nowadays, everybody's looking for a versatile rifle they can shove in a backpack.

But with all the recent interest in prepper long guns, it's important to remember that these rifles are not brand new designs by any stretch.  The AR7, the Air Forces' favorite backpack .22, has been around for over fifty years, looks almost identical to the newest survival rifle offerings and, unsurprisingly, is still going strong.


As far back as the 1930s, the Air Force (then a part of the Army) saw the need for a small caliber survival rifle for aircrews lost in remote areas. Remember back then there was no such thing as GPS, satellite phones, or distress beacons and much less of the earth was adequately mapped. This translated into the fact that if your plane ditched somewhere off the beaten track, you could be on your own for weeks. To augment rations with small game and to keep the wolves (of all types) away, a small rifle was needed. This gun needed to be as small and light as possible so that it would not take up precious payload space when not in use and allow the airman to carry it for long distances without adding to their general fatigue.

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